4 Best Top Load Washers 2020 Reviewed


It seems that 2020 is the year of the washer, with top load models offering more bells and whistles than ever before. No, there isn’t a machine that will fold clothes for you but some of the latest washers seem to do everything but. Our list of the best top-load washers 2020 reviews it all from the best large capacity washer to the most value for your money.

What Makes the List of
Best Top Load Washers 2020?

With so many options to choose from it can be hard to decide what is the best top loading washing machine for you. The team at Action Appliance Repair organized our favorite top-rated washers into categories that apply to your daily needs and budget. With a little help from our Best Top Load Washers 2020 guide, you can make the right purchase for your household.

Best Overall Top Load Washer

Maytag with Deep Fill Option and PowerWash Cycle MVWB865GC
Product Info
5.2 cu ft.

Our top load washer reviews 2020 starts with the trusted name of Maytag. This model does everything a washer should do at a reasonable price. The brand’s patented PowerWash cycle provides heated water that works with its latest model agitator to effectively remove the toughest stains.

Meanwhile, its Deep Fill option ensures that large items get the soaking they need in its ample 5.2 cubic feet. This machine washes anything no matter how large or soiled, earning it the top spot for simply the best performance and price.

Photo Credit: Maytag

Best Top Load Washer for Large Families

Kenmore Elite 31633
Product Info
6.2 cu ft.

What brand has the best top load washers for large families? The fearless Kenmore Elite 31633. Its 6.2 cu ft. of space is double the size of some washers, easily accommodating 16lbs of clothes. A central dial enables you to choose amongst 10 wash cycles with touch screen buttons that customize with steam or an extra rinse.

But this washer’s highlight is the Accela wash cycle. This feature speeds up the wash time with sprayed water, detergent and a faster rotation to get even larger loads clean faster. And for a large family, more loads done faster can be a game-changer.

Photo Credit: Kenmore

Best Value Top Load Washer

Amana 3.5 cu ft. 8-Cycle Top-Loading Washer NTW4516FW
Product Info
3.5 cu ft.

The best top load washers 2020 also have to deliver on value and we think this model by Amana is the best bang for your buck. At just under $400, you still get a washer that excels at getting clothes clean. This is largely due to 8 available wash cycles, a luxurious amount of choice given the price tag.

These also include an auto-sensing feature that customizes water usage for your size wash load. Amana has long been one of the most reliable top load washing machine brands that’s wallet friendly, and this model is no exception.

Photo Credit: BestBuy

Best Compact Top Load Washer

GE Space-Saving 2.8 cu ft. Capacity Portable Washer GNW128PSMWW
Product Info
2.8 cu ft.

Do you have limited space and need a tiny powerhouse of a washer? This portable GE model can check off all your boxes. This washer on wheels easily connects to a standard kitchen or bathroom sink and can be wheeled away when not in use.

A touchscreen with 8 different wash cycles provides you with no shortage of choice. Meanwhile, its 2.8 cubic feet offers adequate laundry room while its small footprint can accommodate almost any small space.

Photo Credit: GE

We hope our guide for the best top load washers 2020 cuts to the heart of the matter when choosing a new washer. Whether it’s for the best value or a small space the information you really need helps make the best purchase for your family!

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