Anyone planning their dream kitchen is going to drool over luxury appliances. The best high-end kitchen appliance brands add to your home’s value and make everything you do in your kitchen more enjoyable.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Viking, Sub-Zero, and maybe even Dacor, and we want you to be in the know about why these high-end brands are so sought after. Perhaps you’ve even asked yourself, “Are high-end appliances worth the money?” Yes! Without a doubt.

You will never be disappointed in the quality and performance of the best high-end kitchen appliances. You may just kick yourself for not having one sooner.

Best High-End Kitchen Appliance Brands

As we navigate through our high-end appliance reviews, we’ll shed light on why these appliances are worth investing in. If there is room in your budget to afford one, any one of these luxury appliances will turn your everyday cooking into a culinary adventure.


Viking has been leading the pack in professional-style ranges ever since they introduced the first one to the U.S. years ago. They are known best for their ranges and maintain cutting edge technology to offer the highest output BTUs and exceptional precision to impress the most experienced chef.

Viking is no longer only for a professional kitchen – they have brought this professional quality to your home. Whether you’re looking at Wolf or Viking, you’ll find a quality product.

Brand Highlights

  • High output BTUs
  • Vari-simmer setting
  • SureSpark ignition system
  • Rapid-ready preheat system

More About Viking

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Image from Viking


Sub-Zero is still one of the best high-end kitchen appliance brands on the market. They are the standard for refrigeration quality. After buying Wolf, Sub-Zero now maintains superior status for both refrigeration and cooking.

Sub-Zero’s family-owned company has successfully competed against the largest companies in the world, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t tout their exceptional quality. With 2 compressors, vacuum seal, water purifier, and more, it’s easy to see how they rank as the best kitchen appliances 2019.

Brand Highlights

  • Dual refrigeration (moist and dry cold temperatures to preserve food)
  • Multiple configurations
  • Customizable finishes
  • Precise temperature control

More About Sub-Zero

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Photo Credit: Sub-Zero


Want to know if the best high-end kitchen appliance brands cater to the king of the grill? This one does! DCS makes sure that your outdoor kitchen is as state-of-the-art as your indoor kitchen. Creating an outdoor culinary sanctuary is at the heart of the design and functionality of DCS appliances. DCS can withstand anything you or mother nature can dish out.

Brand Highlights

  • Customize design
  • Intuitive lighting inside the grill
  • Secondary cooking surfaces within the grill
  • Caters to different cooking styles

More About DCS

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Photo Credit: DCS


Don’t let the placement here fool you, Dacor tops the list in the best high-end kitchen appliance brands. Will exceptional refrigeration, ranges, cooktops, and more, Dacor hangs with the cool club for large kitchen appliances. If you’re looking for the best oven brands – this is it.

Brand Highlights

  • Wifi enabled
  • Four part convection
  • Steam roasting and baking options
  • SimmerSear burners

More About Dacor

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Photo Credit: Dacor


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