How to Remove Rust from Cast Iron Skillet & Other Care Tips

how to remove rust from cast iron skillet

Cast iron skillets are some of the most popular kitchen items around. They are durable, affordable, and can be used for a variety of cooking tasks. However, one common problem that people experience with cast iron skillets is rust. Rust can make your skillet difficult to clean and can also affect the flavor of your […]

The Best Way to Remove Oven Grease from Kitchen Cabinets

clean greasy wooden kitchen cabinets

Often, the cabinets over your oven and range bear the brunt of grease stains and splatters, taking on a sticky residue. What’s the best way to remove oven grease from kitchen cabinets? A baking soda paste can remove most stains, while more severe cases require a commercial cleaner designed for heavy grease. Learn how to […]

How to Wash Table Linens, Napkins, and More

can you machine wash a linen tablecloth

The holidays are a prime time to showcase your best table linens but how do you get stains out of a linen tablecloth to get it holiday-ready? Machine or hand washing with gentle detergent and warm water can make most stains disappear. Learn how to wash table linens and store them properly so they’re ready […]

How to Clean Toys in the Dishwasher Safely

how often to clean baby toys

In a time when stopping the spread of germs has extra importance, cleaning toys in the dishwasher can be a powerful disinfecting tool. What is the right way to wash toys in the dishwasher? Using a Gentle/Light cycle and substituting Heated Dry for air drying can clean toys safely. Learn more about how to clean […]

4 Hauntingly Easy Halloween Dessert Ideas

Fun, frightening, and festive, desserts can be the icing on the cake at a successful Halloween party. But spending hours in the kitchen isn’t always possible on a day filled with celebrations. To keep your baking simple, but unique, we’ve found easy Halloween dessert ideas that are the perfect party treats. From ghost s’mores dip […]

Coronavirus Prevention During In-Home Service Appointments

Coronavirus Prevention

Note: This information was updated in March 2020. We will continue to update our COVID-19 protocols as directed by local, state, and federal recommendations. Our top priority at Action Appliance Repair is the safety and the well-being of our customers and team members. Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve followed the guidance of federal, state, […]

Best Baking Sheets for Cookies This Christmas


Looking forward to baking some cookies for Santa (and maybe some for yourselves) this Christmas? We are too, so we’ve put together a list of the best baking sheets for cookies. Baking sheets can make a huge difference in how well your cookies turn out, so here are some important things to look for with […]