When to Use Convection Bake vs Regular Bake


Owning a convection oven can open up a range of baking possibilities, perfecting certain foods, and reducing cooking times. However, there are instances when using a standard oven bake setting still has the advantage. For best results, we’ll discuss the difference between convection bake vs regular bake and list the foods that cook best on […]

How to Season a Wolf Griddle and Other Tips

A Wolf range griddle is one of this high-quality brand’s best assets, offering even cooking and crisping for a variety of foods. But, like so many conveniences, a griddle requires specific maintenance to function optimally for the life of your range. We’ll detail how to season a Wolf griddle with the right techniques and provide […]

Ultimate Guide on How to Deep Clean Appliances this Spring


While washing windows and cleaning out closets, don’t forget that your appliances could also use a spring cleaning. Our guide on how to deep clean appliances from your oven to the dishwasher makes sure these hard-working staples get some spring-time TLC.

Action’s Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving: Tips, Tricks, and Advice


It can be stressful to host Thanksgiving as the busy holiday season begins. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a survival guide for hosting to take the stress out of planning? Well, the team at Action Appliance did just that and put together a list of Thanksgiving tips that even leave some time for […]

How to Clean Between Glass on Oven Door


There’s no dishtowel big enough to hide the stains between your oven door glass when you know they’re still lurking. Cooking juices and grease seem to find a way in at all costs. So how do you get brown stains off your glass oven door? We have the answers to help you clean between glass […]

Prepare for Fall Cooking with These Oven Maintenance Tips


When barbecue season slows down, we start looking forward to fall and holiday cooking. Before you dive into the fall season of cooking and baking, make sure your oven is clean and equipped for your next culinary adventure. Regular oven maintenance is critical to keeping your appliance operating efficiently and staying clean. If you already […]

Why is My Oven Temperature Not Accurate?


Wondering why you have an oven temperature not accurate issue? You’re certainly not alone. This is one of the most common complaints we receive in our line of work (appliance repair). The cause of this can usually be narrowed down to a handful of possible reasons. Here are the first things to check when you […]

Top Rated Appliances for 2018

best appliances 2018

Are you looking to ring in the New Year by purchasing a new appliance, but you’re not sure where to start? With so many options for home appliances, we certainly understand how it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to provide some recommendations as you begin your search. Whether you’re looking for a new […]

Common Kitchen Range Problems & FAQs


When you repair appliances for a living, you get quite a few questions about common kitchen range problems. Understandably so, as ranges are an integral part of how we prepare our meals every day. Below are some of the most common kitchen range problems and FAQs we get from customers. Most Common Kitchen Range Problems […]

6 Best Ovens for Home Kitchens

best ovens for home kitchen reviews

Remodeling or updating your kitchen can end up costing your money and your nerves, especially when it comes to buying new appliances. Going through all the prospects, looking at the features, talking with salespeople. Shopping for a new appliance can often leave you completely exhausted and confused. To help you skip this grueling process, our oven […]