Ultimate Guide on How to Deep Clean Appliances this Spring


While washing windows and cleaning out closets, don’t forget that your appliances could also use a spring cleaning. Our guide on how to deep clean appliances from your oven to the dishwasher makes sure these hard-working staples get some spring-time TLC.

How to Clean a Refrigerator: Kitchen Cleaning Ideas


  Do you often put off cleaning your refrigerator because the task seems overwhelming? Or are you unsure how to clean a refrigerator? With the right approach, cleaning your fridge can be a breeze. We’ve found a great video on YouTube to illustrate this. It’s from Melissa Maker’s YouTube channel “Clean My Space,” which she started […]

Troubleshooting a Refrigerator That Is Leaking

refrigerator is leaking

A refrigerator is a common household appliance that most people take for granted. We often forget about it until something goes wrong, such as a refrigerator that is leaking water. If you find your refrigerator is leaking, don’t worry – we’re here to help! This troubleshooting guide will discuss the four most common reasons why […]

Four Reasons For an LG Refrigerator Running All The Time

LG refrigerator running all the time

While a refrigerator operates 24/7 to keep food cold and fresh, hearing it run constantly isn’t part of normal operation. Why is my LG refrigerator running all the time? Dirty condenser coils can overwork the compressor, causing it to run constantly. Troubleshoot a refrigerator that never stops running with these common causes. LG Refrigerator Running […]

Refrigerator Ice Maker Overflowing? Try This…

ice maker overflowing

An overabundant ice maker can be just as alarming as when ice smells or tastes bad. Why is your ice maker overflowing? A faulty water inlet valve may be supplying it with too much water. Learn some common reasons for an ice maker making too much ice and how to control the number of your […]

Refrigerator Drawer Keeps Freezing Food? Here’s Why…

bottom drawer refrigerator keeps freezing

Refrigerator drawers are supposed to preserve produce, meats and cheeses. But opening a drawer to find frozen food means these delicate items are likely ruined. Why are the bottom drawers of fridge freezing? The refrigerator’s temperature may be set too low. Determine why your refrigerator drawer keeps freezing food with these troubleshooting tips. What To […]

4 Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Ice Tastes Bad

Bad-tasting ice is more than just an unpleasant surprise; it can ruin a favorite beverage.  But before you call for a repair or settle for lukewarm liquids, there are usually simple reasons why your refrigerator ice tastes bad. From a dirty filter to open food containers, the most common causes often have simple solutions. Refrigerator […]

Why is My Sub-Zero 650 Not Making Ice? Troubleshooting Guide


Having ice at the touch of a button is a luxury that ice maker owners get used to pretty quickly. So much so that if you find your Sub-Zero 650 not making ice anymore it can feel like a serious malfunction. We’ll troubleshoot Sub-Zero 650 ice maker problems from low water pressure to warm freezer […]

How to Make Your Ice Maker Work Faster


Some of us hate waiting for the ice maker to produce ice. Whether you are just impatient or your ice maker is sluggish, you can learn how to make ice maker work faster and lessen your wait!

Back to School Kitchen Prep Guide

how to organize refrigeator

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The new school year is on the horizon, and you want to get ahead of the game. Beginning your back to school kitchen prep early will reduce stress and make you feel prepared. We want to help you take the guesswork out of back to school organization, so let’s take a look at some steps […]