How to Clean Between Glass on Oven Door


There’s no dishtowel big enough to hide the stains between your oven door glass when you know they’re still lurking. Cooking juices and grease seem to find a way in at all costs. So how do you get brown stains off your glass oven door? We have the answers to help you clean between glass on an oven door quickly and easily!

6 Steps to Clean Between Glass on Oven Door

We understand it can be unnerving to take an appliance apart when it needs to be cleaned. That’s why we have step-by-step instructions for how to clean between glass on an oven door so that you can confidently clean with ease:

1: Remove the Oven Door

How to remove your oven door will vary according to the make and model of your appliance. *Consult your owner’s manual for details.

Generally, the first step is to open the oven door until it’s at a 75-degree angle. Next, pull the door upwards until it clears the door’s hinges (a pair of work gloves will protect your hands while a partner can help if the door is heavy). Lay the door on a towel-covered surface to protect the glass while you work.

2: Prep Your Cleaning Supplies

There are no fancy cleaning solutions or materials for how to clean in between glass oven doors. Mix a cleaning solution of warm soapy water in a bucket. An easy cleaning tool can be made with a yardstick and dish or hand towel. Wrap the towel around one end of the yardstick and secure it in place with rubber bands.

clean in between glass oven door
Photo Credit: GE Appliances

3: Gently Clean

Dip your yardstick in the soapy water and gently insert it towel-end first into the opening at the bottom of the door. Scrub gently, letting the soapy solution soak into tough stains for 2-3 minutes before scrubbing. Repeat as needed to thoroughly clean between the glass on the oven door.

Photo Credit: GE Appliances

4: Rinse

Rinse your soapy towel or replace it with a new one. Dip it in clean, warm water and re-insert to remove all soapy residue from in between the glass. Soap residue can still leave streaks so make sure you rinse to clean between the oven door.

5: Ensure That the Oven Door is Dry

Replace the towel on your yardstick with a dry, lint-free cloth. Dry the glass as much as possible, leaving it to air-dry for the next hour so no dampness remains.

6: Replace the Door

Re-attach the door by holding it in front of the oven at the same 75-degree angle and lowering it into your oven’s hinges. The hinges and door should lock into place and you can close the door.

Photo Credit: GE Appliances

Now that you know how to clean between glass on an oven door, we have a few bonus tips to make sure the front face of your oven door is just as clean and shiny:

Tips for Cleaning the Face of your Oven

  • Clean up splatters when they happen with warm, soapy water and wipe dry
  • For stubborn stains, spray a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water and wipe away immediately. Rinse with a damp cloth and wipe dry.
  • Always remember to wipe with the grain of your stainless steel and work from top to bottom
  • For the outer glass, a commercial glass cleaner like Windex will do the trick. You can make your own natural glass cleaner by mixing 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 1cup water, and 1 Tbsp of white vinegar in a spray bottle.

Be sure to check out our blog for more oven cleaning tips and always consider Action Appliance Repair for all your oven repair needs. We’re happy to help at a moment’s notice.

Watch full video instructions on cleaning the glass on your oven doors from GE Appliances:

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