What is that Dryer Squeaking Noise?


What is that
Dryer Squeaking Noise?

How annoying! You’re trying to do the laundry in peace, but that dryer squeaking noise won’t stop, and it’s driving you crazy! Where is it coming from? What’s causing it? Make it stop!

We’ve certainly heard this complaint from customers a time or two. There are a number of things that can be to blame when a dryer is making a noise like this, from a simple fix like a loose screw to something a bit more complex, like a worn out drum bearing.

Common Causes of a
Dryer Squeaking Noise

Loose Screws

The obnoxious noise that comes from a squeaky dryer may cause you to come unhinged. But don’t worry, this problem can often be fixed by tightening a loose screw. See if you can pinpoint where the squeak is coming from. This can help lead you or your dryer repairman to the noisy culprit. Once the loose screw is located, simply tighten it and you should be back to doing laundry in silence!

Unlevel Dryer

Another common reason for a dryer making squeaking noises is an unlevel machine. A dryer that is unlevel, is often caused by the aforementioned loose screw! If this is the problem, you’ll find that the legs that help the dryer to sit evenly on the floor have come loose. Once these legs are secured, the squeaking should stop.

dryer squeaking noise

Loose Blower Wheel

If the dryer blower wheel is loose, you’ll hear that tell-tale squeaking. And guess what? The wheel could very well be loose because of a screw that has weaseled its way out of place. A repairman or avid DIYer will be able to disassemble the dryer and secure the blower wheel back in place.

Worn Out Drum Bearing

A dryer drum bearing will inevitably wear out with use. Because it is responsible for supporting the back of the drum, you may hear a squeaking or grinding if it isn’t doing its job. To investigate this on your own, take the dryer belt off and spin the drum. If it is difficult to spin or makes noise, the bearing will likely need to be replaced.

Worn Out Drive Belt

A drive belt wraps around the drum, a pulley, and the drive motor. With all the work it has to do, a drive belt can get damaged, frayed, or just plain worn out. This leads to noise when you turn on the dryer. If you see wear-and-tear on your dryer’s drive belt, you have probably found the cause of all that racket. Replace the belt with a new one if necessary.

Worn Out Drum Glides

The front of the dryer drum is supported by drum glides. You may also hear these called pads or slides. These plastic pads help the drum glide along its path with ease. Like we mentioned earlier with the bearing and the belt, the glides can get worn down over time. This will cause a dryer squeaking noise. If you find that one is worn out, it is suggested that you replace all at the same time.

As you can see, worn out parts and loose screws are usually the cause of all that squeaking coming from your dryer. If left alone for too long, a squeaky dryer can easily turn into a dryer not spinning issue. So before you say ‘forget it’ and buy a new dryer, check for worn out parts and loose screws, or contact a professional dryer repair service.

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