Before Our Certified Technicians Ever Reach Your Door, Our Team of Service Professionals Have Already Been Hard at Work…


Appliance Repair CT Service Costs


Think about your last doctor visit for a moment…

How much face time did he actually spend with you?  5 minutes, maybe 10 total?

But what about the hidden costs you don’t see?  Without years of training, it wouldn’t be possible for a doctor to make a diagnosis and prescribe a remedy.  Consider for a moment that it isn’t just his initial training but an ongoing variety of continuing study, and the expense of maintaining an adequately equipped staff and office.

As a patient, you pay for his knowledge and skill plus a share of his business overhead, even if he spends only a few minutes with you.

This analogy holds true for any service business. The charge for providing quality service in your home cannot be determined solely by the time it takes the technician to make the repairs.

Again, consider for a moment the hidden costs you do not see.  A qualified service organization starts with qualified technicians.  And whether the technician is actually making repairs, traveling to keep service appointments, or participating in training programs to sharpen his skills, his salary stays the same.

Next, you have to consider the cost of doing business, or business overhead, in addition to the cost of the technician’s salary.  This includes rent, utilities, office staff, phone, internet, advertising, supplies, cost to upkeep vehicles, insurance, etc.  

And last comes the profit.  Even the most efficient companies can only expect around a 10% net profit on any job.  For example, if your service charge is $200.00, and everything goes smooth, we’ll earn 10% of the $200.00.  And we’re sure you’ll agree, 20 taxable dollars is a pretty fair price for providing top quality service in your home.

Additionally, when considering the cost of a service charge, whether the service tech employs the use of tools or not, the cost to a service organization for its service technician’s time on the job is still the same.  Which is why a service call that only results with a diagnosis and estimate still warrants a service charge.

In conclusion, next time you get phenomenal service, from any business, remember there was a lot of work that went into your experience.  Good service doesn’t just happen by accident.