Top 5 Reasons for an LG Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

why is my LG dishwasher not drying

If you find yourself with a dishtowel in hand asking, “Why is my LG dishwasher not drying dishes?” you’re not alone. Loading mistakes can leave dishes wet due to limited airflow.

When loading the dishwasher, avoid overcrowding and position items properly to allow air to circulate. Troubleshoot more reasons for an LG dishwasher not drying dishes, as well as some simple solutions.

LG Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes?
Try These Tips for Better Results

In most cases, slight adjustments to your dishwasher use and care can result in dryer dishes. Proper loading, the right wash cycles, and specific drying features can all improve performance when your LG dishwasher leaves dishes wet.

Load Items Properly

Loading mistakes are one of the most common reasons for an LG dishwasher not drying dishes sufficiently. Overcrowding with too many items restricts the circulation of hot air that dries dishes and limits the flow of water and detergent. Positioning items incorrectly can also negatively affect drying capabilities.

The following dishwasher loading tips can improve drying performance:

  • Dishes: Place one dish per slot to allow adequate space for air to circulate
  • Bowls and glassware: Position bowls and glasses upside down and at an angle to maximize airflow
  • Silverware: Alternate forks, spoons, and knives next to each other in the silverware basket to avoid nesting
LG dishwasher not drying
Image Credit: LG

Choose the Right Wash Cycle

If your dishwasher doesn’t dry as well as it should, it may be your wash cycle that needs adjusting. Make sure you select the cycle that best suits the needs of each load. Dishes that are more heavily soiled may require the longer wash and drying cycles of the Heavy setting.

Other loads may require the hotter water temperatures of the High Temp cycle, improving evaporation and drying. Consult your user manual to determine which wash cycles are best for different cleaning needs.

Utilize Different Drying Features

Many LG dishwashers have additional functions that can result in dryer dishes. If available, use the Extra Dry setting to raise the final rinse temperature and extend the drying time.

The Night Dry setting can also improve drying performance. This function cycles a fan on and off throughout the night, ensuring that dishes are completely dry in the morning.

Use a Rinse Aid

Rinse aid does more than make glassware shine. It breaks up the surface tension of water, preventing it from forming droplets that collect on dishes and glasses. Instead, water runs right off items, enabling them to dry more completely and efficiently. 

If you notice your LG dishwasher not drying dishes, make sure you add rinse aid before each wash cycle. Refer to your user manual to determine the correct amount of rinse aid for each wash load.

LG dishwasher leaves dishes wet

Select the Auto Open Door Function

Some LG dishwashers have an Auto Open Door (AOD) function that automatically opens the door at the end of a wash cycle. This slight opening aids in drying by allowing moist air to escape instead of collecting on dishes and glasses. The AOD function can be used in addition to heated drying functions for more thorough results.

Is your LG dishwasher not drying optimally but doesn’t have an AOD function? Simply opening the door manually at the end of a wash cycle can have the same effect. Opening just a few inches allows enough damp air to escape to improve drying.

Whether your dishwasher won’t drain or dry as well as it should, Action Appliance Repair can help. Rely on our technicians to solve any dishwasher dilemma!

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