Refrigerator Drawer Keeps Freezing Food? Here’s Why…

bottom drawer refrigerator keeps freezing

Refrigerator drawers are supposed to preserve produce, meats and cheeses. But opening a drawer to find frozen food means these delicate items are likely ruined. Why are the bottom drawers of fridge freezing? The refrigerator’s temperature may be set too low. Determine why your refrigerator drawer keeps freezing food with these troubleshooting tips.

What To Do if Your Refrigerator Drawer Keeps Freezing Food

While spoiled food is never a good outcome it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a part malfunction or that the refrigerator isn’t defrosting. Usually, a simple fix or quick adjustment can solve the problem. Try these DIY solutions if your refrigerator drawer keeps freezing food.

Check the Refrigerator Temperature Setting

First, check the temperature settings on your refrigerator. If the temperature is too low, the bottom drawer refrigerator keeps freezing because cold air sinks to the bottom. Since most drawers are located near the lower part of the refrigerator, these items often freeze first. However, a refrigerator temperature that’s too high can also freeze food in drawers. If the drawers have their own fans, a high refrigerator temperature may prompt them to run more frequently, freezing food.

Refer to your user manual to determine the recommended temperature settings for your refrigerator. Most recommend a setting between 37-42℉ to keep food chilled but unfrozen. 

Don’t Overstuff the Refrigerator

Overcrowding is a common reason for vegetables freezing in the fridge. If the refrigerator is stuffed with too much food, there’s little room for air to circulate. Often, cold air will become trapped, freezing food inside enclosed areas like crisper drawers. Even if the refrigerator isn’t crowded, a crisper drawer freezing food may be overstocked. If the drawer is filled with too much food, its air vents may be blocked, trapping cold air inside. 

Conversely, if the refrigerator is almost empty, crisper drawer food can also freeze. The right amount of chilled items maintains the refrigerator’s temperature and prevents cold air from sinking to the bottom, freezing the drawers’ contents. To maximize air circulation, aim to keep crisper drawers ½ full and the refrigerator ¾ full at all times.

refrigerator drawer keeps freezing

Adjust the Crisper Drawer Settings

Many crisper drawers have individual settings that allow you to control its specific temperature. If you notice vegetables freezing in refrigerator drawer, adjust the setting to a lower temperature.

Similarly, excess condensation in crisper drawers can also be removed by adjusting the moisture settings. Simply move the drawer slide lower to open the drawer vents that allow excess moisture to escape.

Don’t Block the Cooling Vents

If your refrigerator drawer keeps freezing food make sure the refrigerator’s cooling vents are unobstructed. These vents allow cool air from the condenser to enter the refrigerator and maintain its temperature. If they’re blocked by stored items, cool air will likely settle at the bottom of the refrigerator and freeze the food in the drawers.

Make sure large containers don’t block the refrigerator’s vents. When storing items, place them at least an inch away from the interior walls and 6 inches away from the refrigerator’s temperature sensor.

What if your refrigerator drawer keeps freezing food? A professional refrigerator repair service should assess for a malfunction or part failure. Call the experts at Action Appliance Repair to schedule your consultation today!

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