Why is My Sub-Zero 650 Not Making Ice? Troubleshooting Guide


Having ice at the touch of a button is a luxury that ice maker owners get used to pretty quickly. So much so that if you find your Sub-Zero 650 not making ice anymore it can feel like a serious malfunction. We’ll troubleshoot Sub-Zero 650 ice maker problems from low water pressure to warm freezer temperatures so you can continue enjoying cold beverages.

How Do I Turn On the Ice Maker in My Sub-Zero 650?

When troubleshooting a Sub-Zero 650 not making ice we first suggest making sure that your ice maker is on. When you press the “Ice On/Off” button on the control panel the word ICE will show when the ice maker is on. Next, confirm that the Sub-Zero 650 ice level arm attached to the ice bin is in the down position. This allows the ice bin to fill during ice production.

It’s also important to remember that when your refrigerator is newly installed or power is restored after an outage, ice isn’t immediately produced. It can take your ice maker up to 24 hours to begin producing ice.

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4 Possibilities for a Sub-Zero 650 Not Making Ice

Sub-Zero refrigerators are of the highest quality, right down to the very last detail. But when your ice maker is not making enough ice you don’t always need an ice maker technician to solve the problem. If you’re wondering, “How do I fix my Sub-Zero ice maker?” the good news is that you can most likely do it yourself. Here are 5 likely possibilities for a Sub-Zero 650 not making ice that have simple solutions.

#1 – Ice Cubes Jammed

Sometimes ice cubes can jam the ice maker, especially if infrequent use results in a buildup of cubes. While you can clear the ice maker of surrounding cubes, you may need to manually defrost the freezer to solve the problem. We suggest referring to your owner’s manual for the correct defrosting procedures for your model refrigerator.

#2 – Low Water Pressure

Your ice maker requires a certain amount of water pressure to properly make ice. If water pressure to the ice maker is too low, you may have limited ice production or no ice at all. A professional plumber can confirm that the water pressure to your home is adequate.

#3 – Ice Maker Fill Tube Frozen

An ice maker fill tube delivers water to your ice maker to make ice cubes. Sometimes the fill tube can freeze, limiting the amount of water to make ice. When you find your Sub-Zero ice maker water line frozen you may notice that your ice maker is slow with limited production.

A frozen fill tube needs to be defrosted in order to melt the ice inside. This can be done by manually defrosting the freezer, which can take 4-6 hours and requires emptying the freezer of its contents. Some models have a manual compartment disable feature, allowing you to defrost a single freezer component instead of the whole unit. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine if your model refrigerator has this feature.

#4 – Freezer Temperature Too Warm

Lastly, a Sub-Zero 650 not making ice could be due to warm freezer temperatures. These factors can contribute to increased temperatures, prohibiting ice production:

  • Temperature is set above 5°F: the freezer needs to be below 5°F to adequately produce ice.
  • Damaged door gasket: a ripped or cracked gasket won’t properly seal the freezer door when it’s closed, raising the freezer temperature. A damaged gasket requires replacement
  • Freezer door was open: if the freezer door is open or blocked from closing, even slightly, it will cause the temperature to warm and limit ice production. Always make sure the freezer door is properly closed.
  • Need for service: check your control panel for error codes that may indicate a malfunction. Error codes may require a professional assessment.


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