Great Service Doesn’t Just Happen: What’s Behind Appliance Repair Costs?


Appliance repairs are a reality for most homeowners. Having an appliance repair technician you trust is as priceless as your favorite mechanic. But not understanding appliance repair costs and how they’re figured can make folks feel uneasy. Wondering, “How much does appliance repair cost?” Well, we’d like to take the mystery out of the deal.

When it comes to appliance repair pricing, you may be surprised at how reasonable and simple the breakdown is. No sneaky stuff. Just straight up business sense.

The Mystery Behind
Appliance Repair Costs Unveiled

At Action Appliance Repair, we are purposeful in how we plan for and provide quality service. Take a look behind the scenes to get a glimpse of how appliance repair costs are determined.

Behind the Scenes of Appliance Repair

Before our technician arrives, our team of service professionals has already worked hard to get them ready and able to complete your repair. What do we mean by that?

We plan our work and work our plan. Like any well-oiled machine, there are a lot of moving parts to appliance repair costs. The initial customer call, assigning the task, and executing repair to completion is a process. Here are some of the costs of doing business that goes unseen.

1. Parts inventory and trucks stock
2. Office rent and utilities
3. Office supplies
4. Business taxes
5. Medical and business insurance

6. Technology
7. Management and planning
8. Office staff
9. Bookkeeping and financial stewardship
10. Van maintenance (fuel, repairs, etc.)

The Frontline of Appliance Repair

In addition to what happens behind the scenes, there are, of course, appliance repair costs that you see whenever a technician arrives at your door. Although you may not recognize these additional costs from a business perspective, they must be factored in as they are an integral part of what we do. Some examples of frontline costs include:

1. Service call
2. Job rate
3. Additional visits
4. Parts

5. Warehouse costs
6. Shipping
7. Tools
8. Employee uniforms


Now, when you think about appliance repair costs and how much is involved, you’ll have a whole new perspective to consider! We believe in transparency and loyalty to our clients because we appreciate your business and want you to be happy with the service provided. Your referrals help our company thrive!

There are many reasons to choose Action Appliance Repair – honesty, integrity, family-owned, competitive pricing, and same day service to name a few. We are also really good at what we do. And we are here to be of service, so give us a call!



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