Whirlpool Top Load vs Front Load Washers: Which is Best?

front load vs top load washers

Which is the best, top loading or front loading washing machines? Each has its advantages. Top loaders are less expensive and easier to use and fix, while front loaders clean more efficiently using less water and energy. Compare Whirlpool top load vs front load washers with helpful criteria to make the best decision for your laundry needs.

Comparing and Contrasting Whirlpool Top Load vs Front Load Washers

The best washing machine has to be the one that checks your personal laundry boxes. We’ll compare how Whirlpool top load vs front load washers operate, as well as their cleaning ability, water usage, and price. While both washer designs use water and detergent to clean clothes, that’s where the similarities end.

How Do Front Load Washers Work?

 Front load washers fill the washer drum with a small amount of water. They then use the drum’s rotation and gravity to create a tumbling motion that cleans clothes. Are front loaders easy to load? A big difference between front load and top load washers is that front loaders require more bending when loading and unloading.

How Do Top Load Washers Work?

Whirlpool top load vs front load washers fill the washer drum with significantly more water than a front loading machine. It then uses an agitator or impeller to move clothes around the drum, removing dirt and stains.

Since top loading machines have a door at the top that opens and closes, they can be easier to load than front-loading washers. However, shorter people may have a hard time reaching the bottom of the washer drum when unloading.

whirlpool top load vs front load
Image Credit: Whirlpool

Which Gets Your Clothes Cleaner?

Extensive testing has shown that front load vs top load washers are better at getting clothes clean. The tumbling motion of these washers is not only more effective at stain removal, but it’s also gentler on clothes, leading to less wear and tear.

Front loaders are also the better washing machine for comforters, blankets, and other large items, as the washer drum provides more space. A top-loader’s agitator or impeller takes up the space that larger items need to be sufficiently washed. An agitator’s motion may also result in damage to delicate or older comforters and bedding.

Energy Efficiency: Top Load vs. Front Load Washers

Water and energy usage are among the more significant pros and cons of top load and front load washing machines. Front loaders use significantly less water per load. How much less? Whirlpool top load vs front load washers can use between 40-70 gallons of water for each wash, while front loaders use only 10-14 gallons.

Less water also translates to less energy usage in front load washers, almost half of what top loading machines use. Front loading washers also have a larger washtub, which could mean you wash fewer loads per year than a top loader. All of these factors combined mean that front loaders generate lower utility costs for you and use less of the planet’s valuable resources.


difference between front load and top load washers

Are Top Load or Front Load Washers More Expensive?

Front loading machines still cost more upfront than top loaders. This is largely because they’re better at cleaning clothes, and many often have more features and cleaning options than top loading machines. Front loaders also have higher repair costs due to the more complex nature of their construction.

However, front loaders can make up for these purchase and repair costs by using less water and energy than top loading machines. This creates less expensive utility bills over the life of the washer.

We hope this washer comparison helps you make the best choice for your home’s laundry needs. And if you need a washer repair, call the Whirlpool washer repair Manchester experts at Action Appliance Repair!

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