Why Your HE Washer Doesn’t Fill With Water


One of the more common concerns we hear from our customers is that their HE washer doesn’t fill with water. Most commonly, this complaint is noticed soon after they first purchase a new high-efficiency (HE) washer.

To understand why your HE washer isn’t filling with water, you first must understand that HE washers are designed to use significantly less water when compared to other models. If you just switched to an HE washing machine, your new HE machine might leave you a bit worried, but rest assured that the low water level is completely normal!

Troubleshoot HE Washer Doesn’t Fill with Water Issue

You may be worried that your clothes are not being completely submerged during the washing cycle. Don’t be. This is completely normal for an HE washer. Don’t add any additional water to the cycle! The washer’s cleaning process is designed in such a way that the clothes need to be rubbing against each other. If there’s too much water, the load will float off the wash plate and not be effectively cleaned.

Many HE washers are installed with “Auto Fill Sensors,” which will measure the weight of your laundry load and then fill the washer with the proper amount of water for the cycle. Easy enough, right? So there’s probably no reason for concern, unless your clothes are telling you otherwise after the wash cycle is completed.

Possible HE Washer Issues

While HE washers have their positives, they certainly aren’t without fail. If your laundry is not being cleaned effectively, has a mildew smell, or is nearly dry straight out of the washer, that is certainly an indication of a problem. While it may very well be a problem with your HE washer, the first thing to check is your laundry habits. Good laundry habits include:

Don’t Overload Your Washer

Your washer shouldn’t ever be filled more than 3/4 full. This can cause clothes to not be cleaned all the way through or stains not being removed. While this is a good rule of thumb for all washers, it’s especially important for HE washers considering they use less water.

Use the Proper Amount of HE Detergent

Ensure that you using laundry soap that’s meant for HE washers by checking for the HE label (see right) on the packaging. Also, follow dosing instructions carefully (you often need less than you would think). If you’re using the wrong kind of soap or too much, this can cause the washer to not drain properly and/or leave your clothes with a mildew smell.

HE washer doesn't fill with water

If you’re still having problems with your laundry getting a good clean while following these steps, this could be a sign that your washer is indeed not filling properly. Another possible indication of this is if your clothes are nearly dry after its washing cycle. There are few different possible causes of this including a faulty water inlet valve, low water pressure from the supply, or a software problem with the unit. For proper diagnosis of why your HE washer isn’t filling like it should, contact for your local washer repair technician.

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