Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Dryer vent cleaning service in Manchester and the surrounding area.

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Dryer vent cleaning is often overlooked. However, dirty dryer vents can lead to major problems including longer dry times and even dryer fires. We recommend hiring a professional dryer vent cleaning service once a year.

Action Appliance provides dryer vent cleaning service in Manchester and the surrounding area. We’ll perform a full inspection and complete duct cleaning to save you time, money, and stress down the road.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Only $200

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You Save $89!

Regular $289 + Tax
Includes first 20 feet on same floor.
*Sale price does not include tax.

Bundle vent cleaning with our dryer maintenance package for only $269 and save even more! Call for more details.

Why Do You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning?

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The last thing you want to do with your free time is clean your dirty dryer vents. Let us do the dirty work for you!

We offer fast, reliable dryer vent cleaning and inspection services. Schedule your annual cleaning to help prevent common dryer problems and dryer fires. A clogged dryer vent can lead to your dryer taking too long, high energy bills, dryer repairs, and fires.

Common signs that your dryer vents need to be cleaned:

Dryer Takes Too Long

Lint build-up in your dryer vent prohibits adequate airflow in and out of the dryer. Without sufficient airflow, clothes will not dry. If clothes come out of the dryer damp, or you have to run two cycles, you may need to clean your dryer vent.

Increased Energy Bills

Inefficient dryers can cost you nearly $25 extra dollars a month in gas or electric bills. That’s $300 a year! Save money on utilities with our dryer vent cleaning service.

You Have Pets

If you have pets, all the hair that sticks to your clothing winds up in your dryer vent. Pet hair and lint create kindling for dryer fires. Schedule dryer duct cleaning with before a fire hazard arrises.

Bundle And Save with Our Cleaning & Maintenance Packages

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