VIP Club Membership

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10% Off Repairs

Priority Scheduling

Free Service Calls

Lifetime Warranty

Unlimited Service Calls Only $9/month

If you could call us anytime and get free house visits on any of your appliances, and get a 10% discount on your repair, would you invest just $9 a month?

We created the VIP Club so you don’t have to think twice when your appliance breaks down. As a VIP Club member, you can just pick up the phone and request a service call at no charge!

VIP Club Member Benefits

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On top of any other money-saving offers we provide. (Worth up to $100+ annually.)

No more unnecessary waiting because you go straight to the front of the line!

Regardless of whether you choose to repair (we waive the $149.99-$199.99 fee every time)!

On all mechanical parts we install for continuous VIP members (giving you peace of mind).

Safeguard the lifespan of your appliances, while eliminating the stress of additional costs.

Embrace the ultimate time-saving advantage of our VIP Membership, allowing multiple appliances to be diagnosed in a single visit for no extra charge.

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Get Your First 3 Months Free with Service

Our VIP Club Membership is only $99 for 12 months.
Sign up with service today to get 3 additional months for FREE!

We’ll renew your membership annually so you never have to worry about getting caught with a broken appliance again.

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